Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips that Every Beginner Must Know

Are you new to the world of saltwater kayak fishing?

Welcome to be the league of adventurers, who once were just like you but today, they are amongst the most skilled fishing enthusiasts with unparalleled fishing experience.

But what made them so? Books, guides, or something else? Well, I must say, it was “a few tips” that made them rule the water. It is undoubtedly surprising to hear but, it is the fact that you will only believe once you explore those tips and implement them in your next saltwater kayak fishing expedition.

So, let us take a look on a few essential saltwater kayak fishing tips that every beginner as well as a seasoned fishing enthusiast must know.

9 Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips

1. When you buy a paddle, don’t think about money

kayak paddle

Money is an important consideration in almost every affair, and nobody wants to spend more than what is actually required. So, most of us sometimes compromise on quality in order to save a few bucks. However, if really wish to be the next popular saltwater kayak fishing expert, you need to quit this habit, especially when you are out looking a paddle for your kayak.

It is wiser to spend a few extra bucks than to spend a hefty amount on blisters and fatigue that you have to deal with after paddling with a cheap kayak.

Buying a superior paddle will not only increase your speed while paddling but will also boost your efficiency. So, do not go for cheap paddles anymore.

2. Keep a bug spray in your kayak all the time

bug spray

Imagine yourself in the mid of saltwater where you see fishes more than what you have imagined. Slowly and steadily you lower down the rod in to the water, ready to be reeled in but what!!!! You get bitten by mosquitoes on the neck, then hand, then legs, then face, almost everywhere. What could be the worst than this? So, before you regret missing that great opportunity, it is better to keep an insect repellent in your kayak before leaving the shore.

3. Always have a water proof camera

proof camera

So you have reeled in a giant fish and you are ready to take a selfie with your smartphone! But what, you drop it down accidentally in deep muddy water!!!

This can happen with anyone trying to capture a photograph with their smartphones. So, it is advised to mount a water proof camera on your kayak so that it captures every moment; right from catching a fish to landing a hunker on your kayak and a lot more.

In today’s selfie obsessed era, no photograph means you did nothing. Simply put, no photograph means no fish. Therefore, you must own a high-quality water resistant camera while stepping into your kayak.

4. When you are alone, a push pin, an anchor or a power pole is your best companion in the kayak

power pole

There are instances when you either get pulled in or pulled out of the kayak while fighting a fish. Not only this, situation can even get worse when wind start showing its power. So, to maintain balance and land a large fish appropriately into the kayak, always have a push pin or an anchor or a power pole as your companion.

5. Sunscreen protection

Sunscreen protection

Water surface is quite reflective so, direct rays from the sun can do more than expected damage to your skin. So, while gear up for your expedition, do not forget to apply a high SPF sunscreen on your skin. Also, try to keep yourself as much covered as possible

6. Fish handling tools

Fish handling tools

What if you are just a few feet away from your target and you realize you do not have the necessary tool to land it on your kayak. Before you get into such a situation, prepare a checklist before leaving the shore.

7. Keep a stock of liquid


Remember, when out on a hot day for fishing, a fish will never satisfy your thirst. So, keep as many water bottles and other liquid container as possible to ensure that you do not get dehydrated by the end of day. Remember, if you are dehydrated and low on energy, you will end up with regrets for not bringing enough liquid on your kayak.

8. Safety gear

Safety gear

No doubt, when out on fishing expedition, your priority is fishing but definitely not on the cost of your life. So, to ensure your safe return tip, you must always have safety gears whilst being prepared to make the most use of those gears in case of emergency situations.

9. Plan


Things are incomplete and often unsuccessful without a proper plan. So, before you head towards the saltwater, prepare a plan that what kind of fish you be targeting, what locations you will be targeting and more. Most importantly, study the map before hitting the water. This will ensure that you will never return empty handed from your fishing trip.


Saltwater kayak fishing can be real fun, but only if it is done the right way, especially by keeping these aforementioned tips in mind. So, learn them carefully and get set for a never before fishing experience.