How To Repair Broken Transducer?

Transducer in fish finder helps you locate the fish position. The tool is located under kayak or boat. It will penetrate sonar waves into the sea surface. It will then send you the fish location found.

Sometimes, the transducer may crash with stones or sea corals. It makes transducer broke. The common problem is usually broken hilt which connects the transducer neck and the metal connector.

This problem makes you not able to paste the transducer to the boat body. Using a glue to fix this problem is also impossible since the area is too small to paste anything by using glue. Therefore, you will need another solution to fix this problem.

The possible action you may take is to create another hole (with the same diameter) through the neck part which is still normal. You can make the hole by using electric drill. Here is the step to fix this problem using that method.

1. Make sure there is no wire connection

Sometimes, the neck part is a room for wire connection. The wire which is used for transferring the signal to the fish finder. This wire should take a space in the neck area, but just a little. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the area of drilling. For ideal measurement, it is the best for you to choose the center part of the neck. Typically, there is no wire connection there.

2. Measure the hole’s size

After you have got the right position, it is your time for choosing the best fit drill. You should make it as big as one of the transducer mount bolt. The hole which is made must not so big than the transducer mount bolt’s diameter.

3. Measure drill bit

In this step, you can simply put the mount bolt together with the drill bit in a line. Make sure the diameter size is the same. Otherwise, it will not fit when it is mounted with the bolt.

4. Drilling the hole

Drilling the area must be done gently. Do not push the drill so hard. That action makes the drilling area become larger. The use of electric drill which have the selection of drill bit size is also recommended. It can make you measure perfectly the size. In addition, you should hold the drilled transducer properly. Hold it tight in your finger so the position cannot move.

5. Cleaning the drill waste

Drilling something will always create a waste. Therefore, you should clean the waste up. This process can be done simply by blowing the air through the hole. Make sure there is no waste left and you can see the hole made perfectly.

6. Applying it to the mount bolt

Since it is a new hole, you have to give a try. Typically, if you have measure it perfectly, it will give a nice fit. However, if it is not, you can drill the hole one more time. If the hole is too large, then you can try to put another mount bolt with bigger diameter size. It usually has no problem if the hole is nice fit with the mount bolt.

7. Removing the broken part

It always remains the broken part which is left on the metal connection. You have to put it away since you have the new hole to mount now. No worries about the wire connection, because there will be no wire connection there. Putting that out will not affect the transducer work.

8. Putting it up on the its place

Once you have been sure it is the right fit, you can only just mount the bolt through the transducer hole. In the picture you can see that this is fit the size.

9. Placing it to the boat body

Finally, you can paste it on the boat body. It is usually located under the boat body. Now, you should be more careful. You can place it at the same place when you get the accident on the transducer. However, you can place it on the safer area which is quite impossible to crash with stone or coral. Then, you can go continuing your fishing.