How Do I Start Sea Kayaking?

The obvious answer to this question is ‘Buy a kayak!’. Unfortunately, the real answer is not that simple. Whether you want to go to sea kayaking for fun or for fishing, it’s important to know what kind of kayak you need and the equipment without which you’ll have a lot of problems, even potentially not being able to go kayaking. So one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is “Am I going kayaking for fun, or do I want to go fishing with a kayak?”.

Kayak Difference

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Recreational Kayaks

As we mentioned before, it’s important to know what kind of activities you will be doing with the kayak. If you’re looking to relax and have fun in the sea, it’s best you buy a recreational kayak. These kayaks are the cheapest ones because they don’t require any specialized equipment and are meant for calm waters. Recreational kayaks are generally sit-on-top kayaks which mean that you won’t be protected by the outer rim of the kayak. They are cheap because they aren’t made from a material that is very sturdy and rugged (Kayaks, which are meant for racing and kayaking in fast rivers with rocks at the bottom, are very rugged and tough). All you need for kayaking with a recreational kayak is a paddle and a life vest (which you need just in case something goes wrong). The paddles for recreational kayaks are shorter in length because they are meant for calm waters.

Fishing Kayaks

On the other hand, fishing kayaks are a little bit different. They have special areas on the body of the kayak which are meant for fishing rods. Their paddles are longer but can also be short, depending on where the fishing kayak is used. People don’t fish in fast rivers, but fishing kayaks are nonetheless very sturdy. There’s no best fishing kayak. However, there are ones that are more advanced in some situations compared to others. For example, a two-person inflatable kayak can be better in some situations while a one-person kayak with a sturdier exterior can be better in others. Each fishing kayak that is of different design is great in one or more category than the others, and vice-versa.

Racing Kayaks

In the end, if you want to compete with other kayakers in races, you’ll need a racing kayak. These are modified for speed and control, but you will need a lot of physical training and general kayak training if you want to be able to utilize the racing kayak to its fullest.

Necessary Knowledge And Training

Kayaking isn’t a simple task. It’s not something you can take lightly and expect to be good at. Kayaking requires some basic knowledge about paddling, swimming to safety in the event of a disaster or bad situation, helping others in trouble, etc. You will also need to have some knowledge about the equipment you use. When you complete your basic kayak training, you will be able to go out to sea and relax.

There are a few different ways you can learn everything about kayaking. You can search for tutorial videos online if you want to speed up the process, or you can buy kayaking books. The best option will be if you enroll in kayak classes where you will learn everything firsthand. The teachers and instructors will show you what you need to do in certain situations, they will teach you how to paddle correctly to maximize efficiency, how to get out of a bad situation, and many other lessons. Once you are finished, you are ready!

It’s also very important that you check the weather and conditions before you go kayaking. Don’t risk going out to sea if the weather is not favorable because you will be in danger of turning over or worse. Also, it’s a very good idea to invite some friends! It will be an even better experience, plus you’ll be able to help each other in the event of something bad happening.

Necessary Equipment

You need to take quality, material, size and a few others factors into account when buying a kayak. Also, check the quality of the paddles and life vests because you’ll run into problems if they aren’t of high quality. When it comes to kayaking, it’s better to spend a bit more money for quality equipment, than save money and buy something that will break or not function at all.

The information in this article is enough to get you started. We also recommend talking to some frequent kayakers because they’ll be able to offer you some first-hand advice!