Best Motorized Kayak | Expert Guide | 2020

If you feel that constantly rowing in order to keep the kayak going is going to consume too much of your energy, why not consider buying a motorized kayak. Such kayak is much easier to use and is usually much better in terms of the performances that the manually-powered kayak.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a paddle to keep this kayak going. But, when you get tired, you can turn the motor on and get back to the shore quickly. For this reason, motorized kayaks are much safer than their traditional counterparts. Knowing that they’re also relatively affordable means that there’s no reason not to get one right away.

In order to help you out in finding the very best motorized kayak, we did a thorough research on this type of vessel. It enabled us to come up with a list of top 5 motorized kayaks currently on the market.

Best Motorized Kayak Reviews

1. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Motorized Kayak Review

This boat is more of a catamaran than a classic kayak. It’s made of two 9-feet-long inflatable pontoons, which are connected with a construction that features a seat and a storage compartment. The design of the vessel makes it several times more stable than traditional kayaks. In fact, you can freely use it in rough waters, such as sea or ocean, without any worry that it might flip over.

Features Of Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Two inflatable pontoons make this boat extremely great in terms of buoyancy. Its weight load capacity is 400 pounds, which is much more than most ordinary kayaks can take. Furthermore, the boat performs very well on water, although paddling it requires good physical condition. This is the reason why this boat comes with a motor mount.

Unfortunately, a motor is not included in the package, but you can mount one easily. With a motor at the back of the boat, you will be able to take it further out, without any worries. This makes it a good choice for anglers who are looking to find the best fishing spot.

Another reason why this boat is an ideal choice for anglers is that it’s extremely stable. In fact, you probably won’t be able to find a more stable boat in this price range. Speaking of the price, this inflatable pontoon boat is among the cheapest on the market.


  • Superb stability in rough waters
  • Features a motor mouth
  • Amazing weight load capacity


  • Does not come with a motor
  • Does not come with an air pump for the inflatable pontoons


If stability is what you’re looking for from a boat, look no further than Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat. Furthermore, the boat is also easy to control and can go further out offshore if you install a motor.

2. 4 Stroke Engines Gasoline-powered Jet Kayak Motorized Canoe Review

If angling is your hobby, you surely don’t want to feel jaded every time you got out fishing. But, that’s exactly what might happen if you use a paddle to power the boat. The solution, however, is very simple. Instead of buying a traditional hand-powered kayak, you should get a motorized kayak such as this one! The fact that it’s gonna save up your energy is not the only great thing about this motorized kayak – the boat is full of useful features.

Features Of 4 Stroke Engines Gasoline-powered Jet Kayak Motorized Canoe

The main reason why this kayak is on our list is the fact that it features a jet engine. The 125 cc engine runs on gasoline and is powerful enough to take you wherever you want in the shortest amount of time. The jet engine makes the kayak very easy to pilot, as all you got to do is take care of handling it. Another reason why it is a joy to control this kayak is the fact that it’s very stable. The kayak will not flip over even if you take it in rough waters.

The kayak is also great in terms of buoyancy, meaning that you will be able to load it up with all kinds of angling accessories, without any fear of sinking.  This motorized kayak is also very comfortable. It’s a sit-on-top kayak, which means that you will have plenty of legroom, even if you’re a tall person.


  • Features a powerful 125 cc jet engine
  • Easy to control
  • Very stable
  • Sit-on-top design makes it very comfortable


  • Expensive


This kayak is fairly expensive, but it’s all because of its amazing engine. It seems that the 125 cc engine deserves its high price as it has enough power to make the kayak go really fast. Apart from this, the motorized kayak is also great for a number of other reasons – it’s comfy, has decent weight load capacity, and is very stable. So, if money is not a concern for you, feel free to buy this boat.

3. Macraft 4 Stroke Engine Gasoline Powered Motorized Canoe Review

If you are a newbie in the world of kayaking, you need to be very careful when choosing your first kayak. It has to be superb in terms of stability and handling. In the case of the MACraft kayak, those things are achieved through the use of the 4-stroke engine!

Features Of Macraft 4 Stroke Engine Gasoline Powered Canoe

The kayak features a gasoline-powered engine, which can make it go really fast. In fact, handling this boat will be a real joy. But, the fact that there’s an engine installed does not mean that you can’t take your paddle with you if kayaking is the sport that you’re into. In this case, the motor can be a sort of a security measure – it will help you out when you get too tired to paddle.

Apart from being very easy to handle when the engine is turned on, the kayak is also easy to maneuver by using a paddle. This is because it’s very stable and has a decent weight load. In fact, you would need to try real hard to flip it over, as the kayak has a low point of gravity. Furthermore, there’s no way you can fall out from the kayak, even if kayaking against strong waves – your legs are guaranteed to stay in the cockpit, no matter what.


  • Features a powerful engine
  • Easy to handle
  • Stable


  • Could’ve been cheaper


The kayak has a motor installed at the back, which means that you can use it whenever you don’t feel like paddling. Apart from this feature, the kayak is great in many other aspects – stability, comfort, handling, and so on.

4. Waterblade Motorized Electric Sup Review

Here’s one motorized inflatable kayak that’s actually pretty affordable. In fact, this is the cheapest kayak on our list, with its price being less than 1,600 dollars. But being cheap doesn’t mean being poor quality. At least not in this case! This motorized kayak is designed to perform well even in rough waters. It will stay stable and easy to handle no matter what.

Features Of Waterblade Motorized Electric Sup

Apart from featuring a superb electric motor that can provide a great speed, this kayak is also amazing for the fact that it’s very stable. In fact, its design makes it almost impossible to flip. This is why it can be used in rough waters, such as the sea and the ocean. While we’re on the subject of design, it’s important to mention that this is a sit-on-top kayak, meaning that you will have plenty of leg room, regardless of how tall you are.

The kayak is loved by the anglers who appreciate the fact that it has a superb weight load capacity. You can add additional 320 pounds of weight, not counting the motor and the battery. The kayak is also extremely easy to transport – when you need to take it somewhere by car, all you got to do is deflate it and put it in a bag.

All parts of the kayak are made of super-sturdy materials. What this means is that the kayak won’t burst and sink if you hit a rock. You can also be sure that its color is not going to fade due to the effect of UV radiation or saltwater.


  • Fast and easy to control
  • Has decent weight load capacity
  • Inflatable, thus very convenient to transport
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Sit-on-top design makes it very comfortable
  • Affordable, compared to other motorized kayaks


  • Does not come with a battery for the motor


This inflatable motorized kayak truly is a bargain. Its specs are superb, making it suitable for all kinds of purposes. Whether you’re a newbie kayaker or you have lots of experience with this activity, you will fall in love with Waterblade Motorized Electric Sup!

5. Fissot Newest 1-person Folding Canoe Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak Review

For the end of our reviews, we saved what’s believed to be one of the best-motorized kayaks on the market today. This boat has everything you may wish from a motorized kayak – it is super-fast and easy to control, while also being extremely stable, even against rough waves. The kayak is also great in terms of comfort – its design enables you to choose whether you’re going to control it from a sitting position or standing.

Features Of Fissot Newest Kayak

Everything about this motorized kayak seems great, starting from the fact that it features a superb motor. The motor in question is a 12V electrical engine, which can create up to 480W of power. What this means is that you will be able to go really fast with this kayak, even if it’s fully loaded. Speaking of the load, the maximum weight capacity of the kayak is 552 pounds, which is much more than most other kayaks can handle.

Apart from being fast and maneuverable, the kayak is also very stable. This is something that can give you a real edge if angling is the reason why you plan on buying a kayak. The stability is ensured not just by the low center of gravity, but also with two outriggers, which are easy to retract when you don’t need to use them.

Another reason why you should really consider buying this kayak is the fact that it’s built to last for a long time, something which is backed with a one-year warranty, given by the manufacturer. The kayak is made of polypropylene, a super-sturdy material that’s also very lightweight. In fact, the total weight of the kayak is less than 62, not counting the motor.


  • Very fast and easy to handle
  • Superb weight load capacity
  • One of the most stable kayaks you can find
  • Made of tough and durable materials


  • Doesn’t come with a battery


If you want the very best, look no further than this motorized kayak. It has all the features you might need, regardless of whether you plan to use the kayak for recreation, angling, or some other purpose. Given the fact that the kayak is made to last for a long time, paying over 2k for it doesn’t seem like a bad move.

Final Note

Buying a motorized is an investment that’s bound to pay off. These kayaks are usually very durable, not to mention that their performances on the water are close to flawless. Motorized kayaks are fast, easy to control, and very stable. Of course, this is only true if you buy a good motorized kayak, which is why we’ve decided to help you. If you want to be sure that you’re gonna make the right choice, just choose one from our top 5 list above!

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