Thanks for stopping by! You have stumbled upon the most amazing website about my passion; kayaks! . I am a 39 year old professor at University of California teaching Mathematics and Computer science. When I am not busy with papers or curriculum, you will probably find me coding, reading, shopping, drawing, playing Monopoly or eating pizza (comes from my Italian roots).

About Me and My Website :

Originally from Milan, Italy, I currently reside in a small house in Los Angeles, California with my 6 fish and a labrador dog, Buddy. My loving fiancé, Martha has put up with me for the past decade. She refers to me as her rose which needs constant attention and care. I love meeting new people and making lots of new friends. Although shy at times, I would consider myself to be an outgoing person who aims at making the most out of his life. Many of my online acquaintances have become my best buddies and I am currently writing to over 30 people across the globe.

At the age of 26, I discovered online blogging. Around 2006, I started learning various new computer languages and bought all the necessary tools like MySQL and PHP. About a year later, my life long habit of telling people how to do stuff and what all to look in a product before buying it gave way to my personal website about kayaks. I always wanted to share my opinion about various products with an audience which would help them in making the right choice keeping in mind all the factors which can influence the quality of the item. I do detailed reviews about various lamps present in the current market and share my opinions about their built. In addition to aforementioned hobbies, I love gadgets, fashion, history, puppies and all things that are extremely cute!

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